Goapele and 10 Deep

I finally got to see Goapele (from the Bay, holla!) perform live for the first time last night at SOBs. Thanks to my man, Alex D., at SOBs for hooking it up! I invited Ko and Randall along for both of them had never heard of Goapele before. It was my opportunity to convert them. On the way to the show, I ran into Kunal (KMP, DJ, Art Director, party thrower, jack of all trades) , DJ Eleven (The Rub DJ crew) and their friend on the way to dinner. They happened to be going to the exact same show and party that night. Shows how small the industry can be.

At SOBs, Matthew Santos came out and headlined for about 40mins. He and his four-piece band, Matthew Santos (lead vocals, guitar); Aviva Jaye (vocals, keys); Robert Tucker (drums); Graham Burris (bass) delivered a good performance despite the subpar sound quality. An artist with a distinct voice, he has been featured with Lupe Fiasco in the song “Superstar” and performed with some well known folk-rock artists. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him soon.

I don’t know what it is about SOBs but the sound quality is always screwy. Every show that I have been to has had audio issues. However they do book some really dope artists there so I keep going back.

When Goapele came on stage, I was excited. As she sang, the feeling is almost indescribable. She has this beautiful presence and her voice was simply AMAZING. It kinda gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I absolutely adore her. She sang all her hits including “Closer”, “First Love”, “Romantic”, etc and stayed after to do cd and t-shirt signing.

Matthew Santos

She’s MY first love…

I love dimples.

He was off the hook with his guitar.

Change gonna come.


Sorry for the low qual videos. I completely forgot to change the settings before recording.

10 Deep Party

Ko and I got there around 11:30pm after the Goapele show. We ran into a friend along the way who told us that he waited in line for an hour and left without going in but being optimists, we got in line anyway. The club mgr happened to recognize party girl Ko so he got us including Kevin and Scott? (i’m so bad with names) in VIP style. That was nice of him.

It was held at Element Lounge, 2 floors and packed with people. Most of the folks were drinking and milling around but nonetheless we did our thing, danced and ran into a few people we knew along the way. Met some new peeps as well.

The rest of the night ended well with dope music and good vibes. We left early in good spirits.

Tonight, round II at The Vault!


One response to “Goapele and 10 Deep

  1. Is Goapele gonna come back 2 music?

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