Valentine’s Day recap

My friend met up with me at my work. He surprised me with two Ugly Dolls which I absolutely love. Back story: When I was moving to our new apt, I lost an entire bag of contents somewhere along the way. All my stuffed animals and fedora hats were gone… man that was sad. It took me a few days to get over that shit.

We grabbed a quick dinner at Thai on Clinton after he snagged a spiffy bowtie from a new favorite store next door, then headed off to see Amel Larrieux. Thanks to Alex of SOBs who hooked it up again.  Without a doubt, Amel is beautiful. She’s better live than on tape or cd or ipod whatever new gadgetry we have nowadays. That’s what artists should be about.

Amel came on stage with this adorable 1960s red dress in spirit of Valentine’s Day and knocked the crowd off its feet with her delivery from the beginning. With her wide range of melodic tones, her voice a bit breathy coupled with a old school sound, I completely fell in love with her. Throughout the night she played to the crowd and even had a few members of the audience sing into the mic. I loved that. She sang her own love story of how she met her husband of 14 years and it was a cute story. Almost made me wanna go snag a love one myself… almost.

The show ended around 10:45pm where we then hopped in a trusty yellow cab over to LOVE where Qtip and DJ Spinna was dj-ing. The line was around the block when we got there but thankfully didn’t have to wait for long. It was mf-in cold outside. The venue had an interesting set up. You walk down into a lower level and the walls were rocks jutting out imitating a cave throughout the space. It’s definitely a different feel from the normal club/lounges I go to. There was the front room with a bar and restrooms then u go into a hallway where another small room splits off. That room looked dope but it’s hard to describe what it looks like. It reminded me of a cavern of sorts where you can sleep in. Pass that, you step into a dark hallway where you can almost bust your face because there are steps you can’t see.. then into the back where the djs were and a decent sized dance floor. By 12am the place was packed with people getting their groove on. The whole night they were playing the top 40s songs from 1990s to early 2000s. It was alright I guess. We weren’t feeling the songs too much so we called it a night around 1am.

All in all, Valentine’s was eventful and more memorable than I’ve experienced in a long time. I am grateful to have loved ones around me.


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