The curtain is always up


Over the weekend, I went to check out Citizen Cope at BAM theater in Brooklyn. To be honest, I almost fell asleep but that could have been from the wine earlier during the night. The crowd was nuts over him though. It’s probably just me but 70% of his songs sounds almost in the same exact format.



Tomek of Fat Beats got me on the list for Fat Beats All Star event at Highline. I was so tired that I overslept on my nap and ended up only making it to see JRocc spinning and performances by Mr.Lif and Akrobatik. Christine sends me a text letting me know it was poppn at Snapshot and Jen was there…so what the hell, I got on the bus and made it there by 12am. Good times.


Atown vs Htown

Fiona Bloom, a regular blogger and event planner in association with FUSICOLOGY, who also runs her own marketing consultancy threw an event at the 205 club on Chrystie St. The show displayed two artists from Houston and two from Atlanta who were on URB’s next hot artists list to watch out for!

I arrived at 8:30pm to help set up but Fiona got it well handled by the time I got there. Fiona introduced me to the folks from the TASTEcrew, Rebel Crew and folks from Atl/Houston. I spent the rest of the night getting to know Karina of StarlightBeats and her friends until the show started. They are most definitely some down to earth people.

The show started off with Joe B, Karina, Proton and then GripplyAZ. They brought their energy on stage for sure battling it out to represent their city to the fullest. Fiona hyped up the crowd with the craziest drunken speech ever in between. If only I had caught it on tape…


In the Mood

The only thing with some shows in New York is that…they don’t start until 1am which is ridiculous. Just and I arrived at 11pm and I got to meet Nicole Nelch who’s name has been popping up on my radar screen for a few weeks now. This girl has done everything from music to film (The Hip Hop Project) which I actually saw at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006 and apparently knows everyone in the industry. Having the history of working with Pete Rock, Rich Medina, Dj Spinna, Geology, Waajeed, The Root Down, etc.. most of which are my favorite DJs, she quite possibly could have the life of a rockstar.

I’m not a big fan of Club Midway as a venue but with a lil inspiration, the space actually looked pretty nice. There was art everywhere and a few artists doing their work in the space on the upper level. Free margaritas were being handed out throughout the night. I also ran into Mona again along with Mel D of Village Slum who does some great photography. At 12:30pm, we crammed in the basement level and waited for practically an hour for RES  (pronounce Reese) to come on. I don’t know why I haven’t heard her name before as she’s been coming out with albums for awhile now and even had Nas featured on one. The main thing is that she is pretty good live on stage. Rocking it with only a drummer and a guitarist, they still sounded like a full band. She did a number of hit songs and then Talib Kweli came on stage to perform a couple with her. Her sound is a bit of R&B and rock, a great mix of genres.

As we called it a night at 2am, the snow started. This morning looks amazing outside but DAMN, it’s going to continue to around 10 inches of snow? Isn’t it suppose to start getting warmer?


The Roots Show at The Apollo. I saw them a few months ago at the Nokia Theatre and boy, they are DOPE. The Roots are a group you have to see at least once in your life. Can’t wait.


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