Upcoming Calendar

Summer is almost here but not quite. I definitely ready to toss my jackets and coats into my closet until the next year. The great thing is I am beginning to see more folks of the late makin moves for upcoming shows and concerts. So far, this year has knocked my socks off already with all the great artists I have been exposed to and I can’t wait for what’s in store for the rest.

Two Fridays ago, I was fortunate to be invited to attend a Revive Da Live production at Blue Note. It was sooooold out. Having came from the AMP/Tortured Soul concert at Highline right before, I was on a roll by the time I made it to Blue Note with Derreck (Rare Form).  The line was predictably long but luckily it moved quickly and we managed to secure a spot to sit.

I got to meet Meghan Stabile (Revive Da Live) for a quick minute who seems to manage everything from the band, organizing shows, promotions, marketing; basically a Jill-of-all-trades. As their manager, The Real Live Show is collective unit of 2 lyricists/emcees and a 7-piece jazz/funk ensemble. Fresh lyrics with a talented band, they are definitely a must see and reminded me of my favorite Bay Area group, Crown City Rockers

Check out their profile here: The Real Live Show

Last Friday I was at the JayZ/Mary J Blige concert at the Izod Center in Jersey. It is one of the hypest concerts I have ever been to. They came on stage together then Mary took the lead and Jay Z ended the concert with an encore. They practically performed one hit song after another. It kinda hits you on how long they have been making music. Some of the songs by Mary J took me back to high school even. It was nuts. Another highlight of the show was seeing my favorite DJ of all time,  Neil Armstrong (5th Platoon), being JayZ’s tour DJ.

So far on my calendar:

April 6th: The Cool Kids @ SOBs

April 11th: Frosty Freeze Benefit

April 12th: Hot Chip

May 9th: Erykah Badu with The Roots @ Radio City Music Hall

June-July: Brooklyn Bodega Film Series/Hip Hop Fest

July 10th-11th: House Dance International Competition



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