Rest In Peace

I have always been into the hip hop dance culture and greatly admire those who have inspired dance to become what it is today. I’m always down to hit up any battles or showcases to watch, learn and be educated. Recently, Ken Swift was reaching out to the community to put together a benefit for Frosty Freeze who was hospitalized due to a longterm illness. I was excited about attending for I know a lot of the old school dancers were going to come together for supporting one of their own and I was happy to just be in that inspiring environment. Unfortunately this morning as I was catching up on my news for the day, I came across this article…

“Hip Hop culture lost one of its founding fathers when Wayne Frost, who was better known by most as “Frosty Freeze” of the Rock Steady Crew, died in Manhattan on Thursday (April 3). Frost helped bring Hip Hop into the mainstream’s consciousness with appearances in movies such as Style Wars, Wild Style and Flashdance. The legendary b-boy was 44. Rock Steady Crew Vice President Jorge “Pop Master Fabel” Pabon says Frosty‘s death followed a long battle with an undisclosed illness.

“He was not only an amazing dancer but a daredevil,” Pabon tells the New York Times. “The moves he did were really super high-risk. He had these signature moves and swagger, this really classy b-boy swagger, that made him extremely unique.”

Among his many trademark moves, Frost invented the “Suicide,” a mid-air flip which breakers end by landing.”

– Hip Hop DX

It is sad to imagine that the day will come where all the bboy innovators are no longer present to pass along their history and will only live through our memories.  

 R.I.P Frosty.


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  1. Thank you for this post, well done and thoughtful.

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