The Roots Listening Party

Held at Sutra on a Monday night, the venue offered an intimate setting among fans and music industry folks alike. I was about to head home for the night around 1am when my friend texted me that Mos Def was right outside so I stayed later than anticipated. Lucky that I did or I would have missed the highlight when ?uestlove got on deck. There was a bit of technical difficulty for about 10mins but a guy by the name, Jay, who I would meet again a week later at the Brand Nubian show at Knitting Factory, started spittin’ some ol joints and everyone just flowed with it, creating the good connective vibe amongst everyone. Finally the music kicked off and cheers erupted. Mos Def and Black Thought got on the mic and basically rocked it. It is always exciting to see The Roots perform and their latest album, Rising Down, albeit a bit darker than previous ones is still a great cop. I’ve been listening to it over and over these past few days. The party went on well past 2am but I can’t party like I used to on a weekday so it was quits for me after they got on.


Check out more pics from Okayplayer.


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