Erykah Badu and The Roots

Friday, May 9th

Just, Ko and I got to Radio City Hall around 8:30pm. Unfortunately we missed most of The Roots from being there late but apparently they didn’t do any of their new stuff off the Rising Down album. I was quite bummed for I had been listening to the album all day hoping to see them do it live.

It was my first time watching Erykah perform eventhough she has been one of my favorite artists of all times. I was extremely excited when she did most of her new titles along with quite a few old classics. She brought on a number of props including two medicine balls for one of her songs and it was cute to see her get creative in expressing herself. At one point during the show, she jumped into the audience and had some of the members sing a part of “On and On”… it defined why she is the artist and we’re not. Towards the end, a gentleman from Connecticut proposed to his girlfriend on stage. She happily accepted of course but I thought it was a bit cheesy. It depends on how you look at it I suppose. The only drawback was the venue for the concert. Most hip-hop shows I have been to are held in a smaller venue so the experience was a bit different at Radio City. The place holds about 7,000 people so you can imagine how big the space is. I thought the stage was a bit detached from the audience but perhaps it was just me.

After the show, we hit up Sutra Lounge for the after-party. It was packed but not to the point where you simply cannot enjoy yourself. Upstairs was ?uestlove and downstairs had DJ Spinna. Both of them played some really great music and a few members of the Roots were there along with Mos Def chilling with his gf in the crowd. Only in New York… gotta love it.


One response to “Erykah Badu and The Roots

  1. newsflash! lol! the roots actually did a couple of jawns off ‘rising down.’ there was a cool afro-beat version of “criminal,” a solid – no SOLID version of “rising up” that featured the bass player rocking a line from ohio player’s “skin tight” during the hook, i believe i heard “75 bars” – btw Black Thought did a blazing version of Big Daddy Kane’s “men at work!” dude really ripped it. let’s not forget capt. kirk’s solo during “you got me.” if you saw them on the pier a couple of years ago, it was a similar version. although nice, the pier’s version was a bit tighter. granted, it was a short set by the crew from illadelph, but the did the dang thing for real.
    what can i say about ms.badu? stellar performance. the props used during “green eyes” definitely added another element to the song. it allowed for an shared epiphany throughout the crowd. (btw, they were yoga balls – medicine balls are heavy as h e l l!)
    radio city is one of the best venues nyc has to offer. depending on the show there can be that element of detachment. but as far as acoustics, you can’t beat that place. the best part is if you can’t hang, the truth will be exposed! as for hip hop shows, the worse part about radio city is the fact that your more inclined to stay seated. which is cool, but when that spirit hits you, then it’s time for the miserable chick behind you to stop sucking her teeth, get over herself, get up and dance! (she didn’t have beef w/ me. just everyone in front of us – she sat next to me and was heated every time someone got up. would’ve said something, but like bruce leroy fighting sho – nuf, her breath was kicking. only in ny indeed.

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