Wednesday Night parties

Wednesday night has got to be the hottest day of the week. From weekly parties to random one-offs, there’s no shortage of places to be at!

I finally checked out The Upstairs hosted by the lovely Fiona Bloom. The venue was sophisticated and it was the perfect setting for an after-work crowd.  I invited my high school friend, Gina, to come along. We haven’t seen each other basically since we graduated in 1999. My god, I’m old. It was good to catch up and reminiesce the old times when we were silly and irresponsible. Now we’re just silly. We met a few new folks including a brand ambassador of Sagatiba, re-connected with Lauren of NextAid,  Maya Azucena and hung out a bit with the regular party people… DJ Parler, Derreck and Human. If you haven’t checked out the spot, you’re missing out! For regular party updates, peep more on

We left around 9:30pm and I headed over to SOBs for the Lupe Fiasco show. Man, he totally killed it. Matthew Santos opened the show and got back on later for their collabo song. Lupe rocked with a live band and the crowd went nuts over him. They chanted his name and gave him the rockstar treatment. The show was sold out a month and a half before the event so thank you Alex D. of SOBs for hooking it up! P.Diddy was also in the house promoting his new artist, Janelle Monae. I’m not sure if she got on stage last night but you can check her out tonight at her free concert at Highline Ballroom.  RSVP to Concert starts at 8pm.

After the show, I hopped over to Blue Owl where everyone was there to check out the weekly party, The Hump, and/or celebrate DJ Tahleim’s bday. Of course Big Jeff was there… this guy knows EVERYBODY in New York. It was packed when I arrived and I ended up hanging out only for a little bit for I was beat from running around all day and drinking without having had dinner or lunch. I called it quits after that. It was good times.

Tonight, will be heading over to the LRG party and so it continues.


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