Keistar Productions: Stevie Wonder Tribute Party

Last Saturday night, I attended the highly anticipated Stevie Wonder Tribute party thrown by Keistar Productions. I’ve been hearing about the party a lot from various friends for its great music (duh!) and a mix bag of people who show up which makes it even more interesting.

The evening started out with a major thunderstorm so Just and I almost canceled thinking we’d had to stand in line in the rain which normally is what happens at a Keistar party. The lines wrap around the block so regular party goers know to arrive early to avoid the wait. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. The party was held on the 7th floor of the Grand Ballroom of Manhattan Center (aka Hammerstein). It was a bit slow when we arrived but quickly filled up in the next couple of hours. There were a lot of folks wearing some great Stevie Wonder shirts and then a few Obama ones sprinkled in the crowd.

By my third beer, the party was jumping… literally. If you stood still, you can feel the floor bouncing up and down from hundreds of people dancing. Everyone was havin’ a real good time. Then it came to the point where there was a surprise guest announced a little after 1am…and it was no other than Stevie Wonder himself! Everyone went bananas as he sang snippets of his songs and addressed the crowd. It was a great moment to see a legend at a tribute party. You can see below how many people were there…


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