Dwele – Sketches of a Man

Dwele’s long awaited album, “Sketches of a Man”, finally drops in stores today. Containing 20 tracks with the single “I’m Cheatin”, reviews from friends who got early copies have been positive. I’m excited. =)

Last night’s show was SOLD OUT at SOBs. I arrived at 7pm to set up and there was already a line of people waiting to get in. I heard word from Kozza of SOBs that one of the first ladies standing in line hoping to get tickets had driven from Virginia, picked up her friend in Philly and headed to NY just to see Dwele. True fans indeed.

Human graciously offered to help me take a picture with Dwele. I was beside myself. I don’t think I have ever thought of meeting an artist whom I absolutely love and I had planned on the way to the show to prepare a list of questions to ask but when the moment came, the conversation sounded so forced and unnatural from me that I squashed that idea.

I remember  walking in the back area and introducing myself, also mentioning that I work for Asya, shook his hand and he was the nicest guy. As I stood next to him to take the picture…. the right side of my face could not stop twitching. I probably look like i had face spasms. It wasn’t a good look. But without a doubt, that was the highlight of my night.

Ayo opened up the stage for the night. She reminds me a bit of Amel Larrieux with her child-like quality. Ayo’s music was great. She sang with her heart, blew me away during “Down on my knees” and even got in the audience to dance with everyone.

Dwele maintained a smooth and sexy steez throughout his show. He charmed the ladies and sang to them including the new hit “I’m Cheatin'”. Dwele broke it down for the audience what the song is about which is NOT about cheating on his girl with a different girl. Figure it out. The venue was packed adoring fans which created an excellent dynamic for the show. Now that I’ve got to meet him and see him perform, all I have to do is listen to the album.



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