Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival recap

This year’s 4th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival hailed around 4,000 enthusiastic hip-hop heads. Wes Jackson, president of Brooklyn Bodega, envisioned an event where families can bring their young kids to participate in a movement that promotes positivity in music. No doubt it is our responsibility to pass our knowledge and experiences to the future generation. The venue was perfect where everyone from young to old can enjoy themselves laying low under the sun, participate in children’s activities and health education provided by a diabetes truck. It was a great day to be out in the park.


The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival prides themselves as being ahead of the game. Upon speaking to a few folks before the event, they were doubtful about the line-up which consisted from a number of talented local artists such as Fresh Daily, Mickey Factz to LA-based Blu and Exile. These names probably would not ring a bell if you are not in the indie, real hip-hop game. As Craig Hackey, a jack-of-all-trades for Brooklyn Bodega, brought up in a conversation recently, “If you can recall, three years ago, hardly anyone has heard of Lupe Fiasco or at least, his following was non-existent at the festival.” Today he is recognized as one of the better artists of our generation and crowds would chant his name during shows as I witnessed at a sold out S.O.B.’s show a couple of months ago. What is my point? Keep an eye out for these artists who have graced the stage this year. They just might be saved on your top playlist on your iPod before you know it.


The political movement is also hot this year with Obama being in the race. He has created an awareness that has brought about more active youths and more people willing to make themselves heard. The festival’s headliner, KRS-One aka The Teacher, known to use his influence to encourage the audience to speak their voice stated, “If you don’t vote, you are still saying something”. Kevin Powell, running for Congress, was also there campaigning for himself. He has definitely came a long way from the MTV Real World days. Bottom line, be proactive and vote when the time comes. Make what you believe in count.


The after-party held at Southpaw in Brooklyn was a great event in itself. Detroit was representing to the fullest with Invincible and Platinum Pied Pipers on stage. There was a surprise performance by Keith Murray and DJ Parler rocking the decks in the basement level. Hosted by House Shoes, the Platinum Pied Pipers had the opportunity to do a few of their new joints for the audience. If you did not know, their new album titled Abundance drops in a few months. The performances were great and the crowd captivated… the after-party was funky fresh.


The day of the festival ended on a good note with full of tired but smiling people. I already can’t wait until next year to see who they would bring out to rock Brooklyn again. Until next time, as Brooklyn Bodega would say, “Support, Celebrate, Represent.”  


Peep the pictures:




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