Erykah Badu

MLK Concert Series recently put on a show with Miss Erykah Badu in Brooklyn. The crowd came in full force. There must have been 10,000 people there cramped together sitting on any open space or standing if there wasn’t any. The line to the entrance literally wrapped around the whole park as we arrived before the show started. With it being free, you best get there early otherwise you’d be stuck watching a giant tv screen all the way in the back.

Ms. Badu rocked the stage doing a similar performance from her recent tour. Starting off with My People off her new album, she then launched into her old goodies, gaining the crowd’s energy. Her voice is no less than amazing. The show ended with her classics, one of which was  “Call Tyrone” and also getting the audience to sing into the mic for all to hear. Despite the massive amount of people crowding around, I believe everyone had a good time.

Next up is another free concert with Jill Scott on Aug 11th.


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