An update

Ah New York, it has been a minute since I’ve updated. Summer is coming to an end but the parties still keep going!

Noteworthy shows I have been to recently. Let’s start with Blitz the Ambassador. Held at SOBs, I didn’t know what to expect. I took along my new friend, Wyatt, who basically was blown away as much as I was by the end of the night. The Agytators came out to the stage looking quite fly and announced to the crowd, “You don’t know what you’re about to get into.” That just peaked my curiousity even more. Then a gentleman comes on stage delivering a spoken word piece and finally Blitz comes on to the stage. With a full band behind him each one looking like they belong in a mozart concert, rotating singers, salsa dancing, and a full mascot chillin in the crowd. To sum it up, it was The Roots on crack. The whole production of it came through quite nicely and it showed that they put in the extra effort to draw in the crowd.

Raphael Saadiq and Janelle Monae performed last week at Highline Ballroom. I was surprised that the venue was almost packed to the tee. J and I came in the middle of Janelle’s set ’cause frankly we thought the show would start late. Now I wished we’d had arrived on time instead. Janelle’s super high energy performance made our night. She basically went bananas on the stage, threw the mic stand and crowd surfed jumping forward. I can’t remember the last time I’d seen a lady do that. The crowd clapped, cheered and loved her. Raphael Saadiq was no less wonderful on stage. As a veteran, he brought in an old school feel with some funky sounds. He performed his old goodies and promoted the new ish… check out when his new album, The Way I See It, drops soon on September 16th.

So many great concerts coming up…  Tv On The Radio, Janet Jackson, etc… stay tuned.


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