All in a night’s work

If you love parties and free alcohol… New York is the place to be. I managed to hit up three events last night and all of which had open bar and food! How ridiculously awesome is that?

First stop – SOBs holiday party. Thanks Marc and Kozza for the invite. It was finally time to sit down and chat with Marc over catered food and free drinks. I didn’t stay for long though as I had to hustle my ass to the next event.

Softwear by Microsoft – Held in a loft space on the west side. There were pictures on the wall of Common’s designs, open bar and fun snacks. A few celebs were in the house. I didn’t have my camera on me so I used my not-so-progressive flip phone to take a few pics. Please pardon the lack of quality.

Peep the vid –

Biz Markie on deck


Wall Deco


Common t-shirt design


The space


Common arrives


Jeremy Piven!


Blocked by a champagne glass!


Complex Mag/Marc Ecko – They threw a party at the Marc Ecko studios and since we got word it was poppin, we hopped right over. Again… free alcohol and snacks. Gotta love it. This joint was way rowdier that the last one and people were crowded at the bar the whole night until it was literally out of alcohol. We saw a number of familiar faces from the previous party and hey.. it’s New York. Party hopping is practically a requirement. There was a cool photo booth by Patron that took black and white photos and you get a copy so people grouped up to take one after another.


There were also a Fader party, Highline Ballroom Red Bull event, Nextaid at Cielo and a ton of others going on last night which I had planned to check out but … you can only do so much before your body screams in protest for rest. And so I listened.

Until the next round.


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