Dope Girls Brunch

One of my girls, Mary Pryor of We Fancy Agency, who I greatly admire put together a brunch today for a group of like-minded women to come together and discuss their fears and set-backs in their life/careers. This is the second meeting which Mary had created and will continue on a weekly basis until the main event in September in a loft.

Firstly, let me explain why I admire someone like her.. She is intensely self-motivated, driven, creative, intelligent and sociable. But the crazy thing is … she’s unemployed. She has been going through a lot of life and career challenges but despite all that, she still manages to work on projects and host an event like this.

Each week the meeting will present a new topic of discussion and new women invited but of course once you’ve attended one, you can go to the next one. I made a few new friends who I wouldn’t normally meet on a regular basis. The purpose is that the safe-space created allowed us to confide in each other and provided helpful insights and encouragement to create something positive. Without a meeting in this environment, it would have probably taken months or perhaps never for some of the people to open up or provide new opportunities that may have not existed otherwise.

The diversity of the group also makes it an interesting dynamic. Even from backgrounds in dance, art to marketing to music, we were all able to relate and contribute to each other’s opinions.

If I can say, this is the one thing positive about being in a shitty economy. It is a humbling experience and it brings people together.


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