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All in a night’s work

If you love parties and free alcohol… New York is the place to be. I managed to hit up three events last night and all of which had open bar and food! How ridiculously awesome is that?

First stop – SOBs holiday party. Thanks Marc and Kozza for the invite. It was finally time to sit down and chat with Marc over catered food and free drinks. I didn’t stay for long though as I had to hustle my ass to the next event.

Softwear by Microsoft – Held in a loft space on the west side. There were pictures on the wall of Common’s designs, open bar and fun snacks. A few celebs were in the house. I didn’t have my camera on me so I used my not-so-progressive flip phone to take a few pics. Please pardon the lack of quality.

Peep the vid –

Biz Markie on deck


Wall Deco


Common t-shirt design


The space


Common arrives


Jeremy Piven!


Blocked by a champagne glass!


Complex Mag/Marc Ecko – They threw a party at the Marc Ecko studios and since we got word it was poppin, we hopped right over. Again… free alcohol and snacks. Gotta love it. This joint was way rowdier that the last one and people were crowded at the bar the whole night until it was literally out of alcohol. We saw a number of familiar faces from the previous party and hey.. it’s New York. Party hopping is practically a requirement. There was a cool photo booth by Patron that took black and white photos and you get a copy so people grouped up to take one after another.


There were also a Fader party, Highline Ballroom Red Bull event, Nextaid at Cielo and a ton of others going on last night which I had planned to check out but … you can only do so much before your body screams in protest for rest. And so I listened.

Until the next round.



Asya is in town. =]

Tuesday night, our night kicked off at a bomb ass Japanese restaurant, Oh! Taisho, on St. Mark’s Place. We got our CMJ badges, grubbed, caught up on news and headed over to Brooklyn Bodega’s event with Fresh Daily, Che Grand, Homeboy Sandman, Platinum Pied Pipers with Coultrain, DJ Parler on deck and special guests. That joint was a freakin reunion event. Unfortunately we missed a few performances but got to see Tanya Morgan and Platinum Pied Pipers.. my favorites! They put on a great show and shout out to Craig Hackeysack for getting me a drink and always giving me shit to keep me on my toes.

Following suit, we hopped in a cab to SOBs for the next event where Wale, Daniel Merriweather and Rhymefest were set to perform. Again, we were late. It seemed to be the theme of the night. The showcase was over capacity and was jumpin when Wale came on. Crowd was hyped and sound was good. If you weren’t there… u missed out.

A million more events to go this week but most importantly, come check us out at our 5th Anniversary party at Studio B this Friday. It’s free with RSVP and did I mention Dwele is dj-ing AND open bar?

RSVP Link:

VH1 Hip Hop Honors week

Last week was ka rayy zeee running around, going to some great parties and seeing some great performances. Here’s how it went.

Monday – Robin Thicke

There is a monthly party in LA called Soul Food which is starting out here now. Fusicology was one of the media partners so I had to check it out which also promoted Robin Thicke’s listening party. I got to meet DJ Scetch who flew in from LA (waves hi!). The party was jumpin even before we got in. There was a long line going in but thank god the venue was well ventilated otherwise there would have been a lot of sweaty nasty people. Robin Thicke showed up for an hour and the women pretty much went ape shit. The DJ had to make an announcement to give him some room because they were suffocating him. I have more dignity than that thank you. I only tried to rip some of his hair out so I can make a voodoo doll out of it and bind a love spell…umm..  I spoke too much. Moving on…

Tuesday – Raphael Saadiq

Phil, Thuy and I went to check out Raphael Saadiq’s show together. The venue sold out of tickets a few days before but luckily we have a great relationship with SOBs so I managed to get in. Word from another friend who went was that Wesley Snipes was there! How random is that ish?

Raphael doesn’t interact with the audience much but his music speaks for itself. Switching from his Lucy Pearl to Tony! Toni! Tone! days and his new album, everyone sang along and would not leave after his last song. Encore please!

Another show is added tonight due to the success of last week so if you missed out last time, go tonight!

After Raphael Saadiq, Phil and Thuy called it a night while I sauntered over to APT to check out OP! dj-ing for the monthly Raw Fusion party and saw Taylor McFerrin performed for the first time which was awesome.

Wednesday – VH1 Hip Honors pre-festivities

In honor of VH1 Hip Hop Honors, there were a bunch of parties going on. I attended the Back to the 90s party where Rahzel, Primo, AZ, and a bunch of folks came through. We party hopped around but everything else was pretty much dead and then ended my night back at APT where it’s always guaranteed good music.

Thursday – VH1 Hip Hop Honors Taping

My friend Danny G. who you may have seen on VH1 as one of the comedian commentators on reality shows, invited me to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors taping hosted by Tracy Morgan. WooOo. I was excited.

It was held at Hammerstein Ballroom. The main floor was the pit where the general audience stood and the first mezzanine was where we were situated with seats thank goodness. There was a full open bar and free snacks all night. I got to literally brush shoulders with Wyclef, Gym Class Heroes, Fat Joe, Charlie Ahearn but it was too bad cameras weren’t allowed inside.

The honorees this year are Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Too Short, Naughty by Nature and Slick Rick. I loved that De La performed since I’ve never seen them live plus they were on stage with Mos and Q-tip. There was also a tribute to Isaac Hayes (R.I.P.). The audience was super hyped seeing all the performances by Bun B, Chuck D, Eve, Q-tip, Mos Def, Ceelo, Wyclef, The Roots, Ghostface, etc etc. I think Too Short was the least well received because he represented the westside. buncha haters I think!

Who performed for who:

Tribute to Isaac Hayes performed by The Roots, Estelle, Q-tip and Ceelo. Juelz, Wyclef, Big Boi did Too Short. Bun B, Lil Jon and Kid Rock performed for Slick Rick. Eve, Ghostface, Biz Markie, did Naughty by Nature. Q-tip, Mos, Flava Flav did De La Soul.

I know I missed out a few people but that’s all I can remember for now.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors airs tonight, Oct 6th so if you’re not a Heroes fan… check it out.

An update

Ah New York, it has been a minute since I’ve updated. Summer is coming to an end but the parties still keep going!

Noteworthy shows I have been to recently. Let’s start with Blitz the Ambassador. Held at SOBs, I didn’t know what to expect. I took along my new friend, Wyatt, who basically was blown away as much as I was by the end of the night. The Agytators came out to the stage looking quite fly and announced to the crowd, “You don’t know what you’re about to get into.” That just peaked my curiousity even more. Then a gentleman comes on stage delivering a spoken word piece and finally Blitz comes on to the stage. With a full band behind him each one looking like they belong in a mozart concert, rotating singers, salsa dancing, and a full mascot chillin in the crowd. To sum it up, it was The Roots on crack. The whole production of it came through quite nicely and it showed that they put in the extra effort to draw in the crowd.

Raphael Saadiq and Janelle Monae performed last week at Highline Ballroom. I was surprised that the venue was almost packed to the tee. J and I came in the middle of Janelle’s set ’cause frankly we thought the show would start late. Now I wished we’d had arrived on time instead. Janelle’s super high energy performance made our night. She basically went bananas on the stage, threw the mic stand and crowd surfed jumping forward. I can’t remember the last time I’d seen a lady do that. The crowd clapped, cheered and loved her. Raphael Saadiq was no less wonderful on stage. As a veteran, he brought in an old school feel with some funky sounds. He performed his old goodies and promoted the new ish… check out when his new album, The Way I See It, drops soon on September 16th.

So many great concerts coming up…  Tv On The Radio, Janet Jackson, etc… stay tuned.

MILK studios BBQ and Fantastic!

Party at the MILK 10th Anniversary BBQ where there was free flowing alcohol, bbq, skaters, art, photographers, alcoholics, rock bands and more.






The night ended at Sutra where my favorite artists were in the house. Thanks to the TASTE CREW.







Dwele and I

Keistar Productions: Stevie Wonder Tribute Party

Last Saturday night, I attended the highly anticipated Stevie Wonder Tribute party thrown by Keistar Productions. I’ve been hearing about the party a lot from various friends for its great music (duh!) and a mix bag of people who show up which makes it even more interesting.

The evening started out with a major thunderstorm so Just and I almost canceled thinking we’d had to stand in line in the rain which normally is what happens at a Keistar party. The lines wrap around the block so regular party goers know to arrive early to avoid the wait. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. The party was held on the 7th floor of the Grand Ballroom of Manhattan Center (aka Hammerstein). It was a bit slow when we arrived but quickly filled up in the next couple of hours. There were a lot of folks wearing some great Stevie Wonder shirts and then a few Obama ones sprinkled in the crowd.

By my third beer, the party was jumping… literally. If you stood still, you can feel the floor bouncing up and down from hundreds of people dancing. Everyone was havin’ a real good time. Then it came to the point where there was a surprise guest announced a little after 1am…and it was no other than Stevie Wonder himself! Everyone went bananas as he sang snippets of his songs and addressed the crowd. It was a great moment to see a legend at a tribute party. You can see below how many people were there…


Check out also::

LRG + Courvesoir & Complex Mag

I went to LRG & Courvesoir party with Ko at Reed Space. We tried going early but it was already packed by the time we got there. Thanks to Parler, we got to skip the line via Sheri (sp?) of Complex mag. It was an instant heatwave when you walked in. If you know Reed Space, you know it’s a small and everyone was sweating from the lack of ac. Ick. But everyone stuck it out and mingled. Free alcohol helped too. Just Blaze held it down on the deck most of the night. A lot of folks from various clothing brands, magazine, party promoters, etc were there and it turned out to be more of a networking event than anything else. At the end of the night, we got to take home some LRG+Courvesoir glasses. Not bad at all.