Dope Girls Brunch

One of my girls, Mary Pryor of We Fancy Agency, who I greatly admire put together a brunch today for a group of like-minded women to come together and discuss their fears and set-backs in their life/careers. This is the second meeting which Mary had created and will continue on a weekly basis until the main event in September in a loft.

Firstly, let me explain why I admire someone like her.. She is intensely self-motivated, driven, creative, intelligent and sociable. But the crazy thing is … she’s unemployed. She has been going through a lot of life and career challenges but despite all that, she still manages to work on projects and host an event like this.

Each week the meeting will present a new topic of discussion and new women invited but of course once you’ve attended one, you can go to the next one. I made a few new friends who I wouldn’t normally meet on a regular basis. The purpose is that the safe-space created allowed us to confide in each other and provided helpful insights and encouragement to create something positive. Without a meeting in this environment, it would have probably taken months or perhaps never for some of the people to open up or provide new opportunities that may have not existed otherwise.

The diversity of the group also makes it an interesting dynamic. Even from backgrounds in dance, art to marketing to music, we were all able to relate and contribute to each other’s opinions.

If I can say, this is the one thing positive about being in a shitty economy. It is a humbling experience and it brings people together.


Miz Metro @ SOBs

I received an invite from Fiona Bloom last week about Miz Metro doing her album release party, Unlimited, at SOBs. As Miz Metro performed at SXSW and made it to one of Myspace’s top featured artist, I was definitely curious about her.

The show was filled with acts by Nero, Fresh Daily, Outasight and more plus fun giveaways in between. I do love free stuff but unfortunately did not win anything this time. Miz Metro’s performance was backed by a live band whose sound reminds me somewhere in the mix of fun, jazzy and pop. For some reason I have visions of burlesque dancers as I listened to her sing. She is an artist to watch out for in the coming months.


Fresh Daily

The Band

Miz Metro

Check out Fiona’s blog for more information on great artists and recaps on shows: The Bloom Blog

Gil Scott Heron @ SOBs

Gil Scott, a politically charged poet and musician, performed two shows at SOBs last Wednesday with a full house each show. This is my second time seeing him perform and for me personally, he has a soothing presence on stage, almost like hearing your granddaddy telling you a bedtime story. Each song has a story and each story has a meaning.

The best part is he tells jokes and cracks himself up… as you’ll see below.

Roots Picnic 2009

Having attended the first annual Roots Picnic last year, I knew this year’s line up wouldn’t disappoint. Tickets were sold out on the day of with 6,500+ in attendance.  The picnic held at the hometown of The Roots, went from noon to 11pm with food and drinks served all day and shows going on in the main stage and tent area. From acts of old school legends to contemporary, it was a concert for everyone.

The Set List

The crowd at 3pm.

Antibalas, a Brooklyn based Afro-beat group, who are much respected by Questlove after he witnessed their FELA! musical last year.

Black Keys, a pretty rocking band comprised only of two guys. Dan Auerbach, vocalist/guitarist of Black Keys blew his amplifier out in the between sets and the crowd called for a drum solo drummer/producer, Patrick Carney, but he didn’t. Perhaps next time.

Santigold did her thing with a live band, flanked by two sidekicks and brought on Spank Rock as a special guest.

Girls going wild for Asher Roth.

Public Enemy, backed up by The Roots band and Antibalas horns, came out and blew everyone away. Their songs never get old and the crowd never gets less hyped and Flavor Flav who’s practically 50yrs old is still jumping around like there’s no tomorrow.

Brooklyn based, Tv On The Radio, performed last right before The Roots. Starting off with Young Liars, they performed crowd favorites like Wolf Like Me, Staring at the Sun and more.

The Roots closed out the show with a bang, including a 10-minute rendition of You Got Me. They are no doubt one of the greatest bands of our time, consistently pushing the boundaries of music with improvisation and appreciation of different genres.

Superbad BDAY


All in a night’s work

If you love parties and free alcohol… New York is the place to be. I managed to hit up three events last night and all of which had open bar and food! How ridiculously awesome is that?

First stop – SOBs holiday party. Thanks Marc and Kozza for the invite. It was finally time to sit down and chat with Marc over catered food and free drinks. I didn’t stay for long though as I had to hustle my ass to the next event.

Softwear by Microsoft – Held in a loft space on the west side. There were pictures on the wall of Common’s designs, open bar and fun snacks. A few celebs were in the house. I didn’t have my camera on me so I used my not-so-progressive flip phone to take a few pics. Please pardon the lack of quality.

Peep the vid –

Biz Markie on deck


Wall Deco


Common t-shirt design


The space


Common arrives


Jeremy Piven!


Blocked by a champagne glass!


Complex Mag/Marc Ecko – They threw a party at the Marc Ecko studios and since we got word it was poppin, we hopped right over. Again… free alcohol and snacks. Gotta love it. This joint was way rowdier that the last one and people were crowded at the bar the whole night until it was literally out of alcohol. We saw a number of familiar faces from the previous party and hey.. it’s New York. Party hopping is practically a requirement. There was a cool photo booth by Patron that took black and white photos and you get a copy so people grouped up to take one after another.


There were also a Fader party, Highline Ballroom Red Bull event, Nextaid at Cielo and a ton of others going on last night which I had planned to check out but … you can only do so much before your body screams in protest for rest. And so I listened.

Until the next round.


Introduction of Softwear by Microsoft
This an exclusive and private event. Admittance is by invitation only.
Invite is non-transferable.

Featuring the official unveiling of the apparel line designs inspired and created by actor and Grammy winning Hip Hop artist COMMON

December 3rd
8:00pm – 12:00am

Hosted by COMMON
Music By DJ Biz Markie